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Take 2

After a failed attempt to record on Monday, we try again.  This week we discuss the new law in NY expanding abortion.

Double Negatives

This week we talk about the Superbowl, and how to build a winning culture.

The Biscuit Disaster

This week, after the Patriots made it to the Superbowl again, we discuss disappointment. 

This week we update Fr. Sean’s trip in Nashville and discuss losing mentors as Nolan discusses the loss of his friend Fr. Robert Blyman.

Untitled Clauberg Podcast

This week we discuss how Christmas went for everyone.  We talk about all the questions Fr. Sean gets from Justin's non-Catholic Nashville friends.

"Live" from St. Anthony's High School and Nolan's office comes our Christmas episode one day too late.  We discuss our favorite Christmas customs and presents.  

Risky Drinks

This is the first episode we recorded within a month of its release.  We're relatively timely, so please stop judging us.  We catch up a bit.  Talk about events that didn't happ...

All Sorts of Vines

Well, we're releasing two episodes back to back.  This time we talk about Halloween, Nolan's new Job, and fostering community.

After a long hiatus, we have returned.  This episode was recorded on October 16th so we didn't talk about Msgr. McDonald.  That episode will come.  This week we discuss big news...

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